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Asplendour French Bulldogs new litter
Born ~ 18 October 2013
Males ~ 5 Females ~ 2

Sire: Aust Gr Ch Pendragan Showem How

Dam: Aust Ch Kiangsi Mink N Diamonds

Tiffany - 8 weeks old

5 Weeks Old

Recipe For A Great Puppy

Take one puppy, gently roll and play
until lightly pampered, then add the following ingredients:

1 cup patience
1 cup understanding
1 pinch correction
1 cup hard work
2 cups praise and 1-1/2 cups fun
blend well.

Heat with warmth of your heart until
raised or until puppy has doubled in size.
Mix with owner until consistency is
such that owner and puppy are one.

Pedigree of New Litter

Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents G-G-GParents
Aust Gr Ch Pendragan Showem How CH. Pendragan Ellfor Leather CH. Shi-Fra-Sa's The Viking Hanahaus (Imp. Nwy) CH. Jacquella Jacquard
CH. Shi-Fra-Sa's Jeanne d'Arc
CH. Ibiscus-Belle de Soleure (Imp. Switz.) CH. Moustique du Marais Picton
CH. Laurette de Baviere
CH. Pendragan Oops A Daisy CH. Belboulecan Casino Royale (Imp. Can.) CH. Felipe dell'Oldoinyo Lengai
Belboulecan Stargazer Zenith
CH. Pendragan Hard To Get Gr CH. Isidore-Ignatius Beau de Soleure (Imp. Switz.)
CH. D'Accord Funny Girl
Aust Ch Kiangsi Mink N Diamonds Bendegedig Lil Wayne (Imp UK) Karcasam Teddy Bear (UK) Acirema Star of the Veldt with Tennille (UK)
Acirema She's No Angel (UK)
Brooklyn Babe (UK) Dayjaris Extra Special (UK)
Minnie Bear (UK)
Kiangsi Mirror Image Frogwyck Starbuck Aust Ch Belboulecan Stargazer Zodiac (Imp Can)
Frogwyck Ella
Aust Ch Sarcelles Jil Sander Repard Royal Regalea
Repard Mslle Nikolette

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